Message from the President

The Colombo Conference on Medical Education will be the flagship event of the College of Medical Educationists in Sri Lanka from this year onwards. Although Sri Lanka has been the setting for many successful medical education conferences in the recent past, this will be the first time a gathering of this magnitude take place under the label, ‘Colombo Conference’.

We expect this conference to fulfill the requirement in the South Asian region for an annual gathering of Medical Educationists in par with any other medical education conference in the world. However, the conference will not only cater to the region but would also be a setting for anyone interested in medical education to engage in a scholarly discussion and share their experiences with the global medical education community. As such, we have also partnered with the Commonwealth Medical Association in our effort to reach out to a wider audience.

This year, we have selected the theme, “moving forwards with innovations’, giving consideration to the fact that one of the main drivers in modern day medical education being innovations of technological nature. This would mean that this year’s conference will also be an expo for technologies used in medical education. Participants of this conference will therefore be able to experience some of the cutting-edge technologies available in medical education.

Thus, it is with great pleasure that we invite all of you to be part of this historic event and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Colombo.

Professor Indika Karunaratne
College of Medical Educationists
Sri Lanka