June 5, 2017

Abstract submission 

Abstract submission guidelines

Academics, clinicians and trainees in health professions education are invited to submit abstracts for oral/poster presentations and for the ‘Innovations in medical education exhibition’. Submission guidelines are provided below.

General guidelines for authors

– Abstracts should be organised under the structure provided below and should be
submitted through the online submission platform.

– One author will be permitted to submit a MAXIMUM of two (02) abstracts.

– All research studies should have obtained ethics approval and you should be able to submit evidence of approval on request.

– You should take intellectual responsibility for the work and the contents of the paper.

– Anonymized abstracts will be reviewed by two reviewers. The scientific committee of the conference reserves the right to make alterations and to edit text to improve presentation.

– The corresponding author will be informed of the decision via email by 31stJuly 2019.

– The presenting author is required to register for the sessions upon acceptance of the abstract by 31 st August 2019..

We regret that abstracts not conforming to instructions will be rejected.

Abstract submission categories

Abstracts can be submitted under the following categories:

1. ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Each paper will be allowed 10 minutes for presentation with 5 minutes for discussion. Parallel sessions may be conducted depending on the number of papers selected. Multimedia and slide projection facilities will be made available.

 ‘OUT-OF-THE-BOX’: This special oral presentation session will be dedicated to novel innovations in teaching/learning and assessment. A special award is available for this category.

2. POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Posters will be presented as e-posters. Each poster will be allowed 5 minutes for presentation with 2 minutes for discussion.

3. EXHIBITION OF INNOVATIONS IN MEDICAL EDUCATION: Participants are invited to submit abstracts related to novel and innovative products of educational value, developed/modified by themselves. The selected products will be displayed at the exhibition which will run throughout the main conference. The exhibits will be reviewed by a panel of judges. A 5-minute oral presentation will be allowed for each product, with 2 minutes for discussion. In instances where it is not possible to exhibit the actual product, a 5-minute video presentation of the product will be allowed.A special award is available for this category.

Structure of the abstract

– The maximum word count of the abstract should be 250.

– The title of the abstract should be brief (maximum 12 words) but adequately descriptive. The scientific committee reserves the right to modify the title where necessary.

– Author(s) surname(s) should be preceded by initial(s), but not by prefixes such as Mr/Dr/Prof (e.g. Perera, AB). The institution(s) where the work was performed should be stated.

The abstract should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Objectives

3. Methods

4. Results

5. Conclusions

6. References (in Vancouver style – maximum of 5)

-Please insert the relevant category in the cage given in the abstract submission form.

-Please DO NOT include the title, names of the authors, institutions, sub-headings or any tables/graphs/figures within body of the abstract.

For further details, please contact:

Dr. Dilmini Karunaratne, Conference Secretary – colombocme@gmail.com

Submit your abstract here