November 5, 2019

Dr. Yew Beng Kang

Dr Kang is the IMU Associate Dean of E-Learning and is an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy. He obtained his undergraduate degree in chemistry and graduated with Honours in the area of Organic Chemistry from the University of Western Australia in 1990, and completed his PhD in the area of Inorganic Chemistry from the Australian National University in 1994. A year of post-doctoral experience was spent in the Université d’Ottawa. Before joining the International Medical University, he spent seven years at Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and he held the role of Senior Research Officer in the Surfactants and the Specialty Synthesis group. He is a current member of the American Chemical Society and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

For the past 18 years, he has been involved in education and some highlights include preparation of the BPharm (Hons), the Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Hons) programmes, and successful 5-year accreditation for both these programmes in addition to the MPharm (Strathclyde) programme with the Royal Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Great Britain (RPSGB).

Dr. Kang had authored several university guidelines and policy papers related to education and technology. He was also responsible for developing a curricula database which could track all curricula details for all programmes.

He was a speaker on technology and its impact on education and how to improve teaching and learning with technology. His areas of interest in technology are in the flipped classroom and curriculum mapping, in which he had been invited to speak in several conferences including APMEC 2016, Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference 2017, Education Nation Conference 2013 and the Asia Pacific Digital Campus and Blended Learning Transformation Summit in 2019.

Recently, he had been involved in the University Self-Accreditation exercise, and participated in an accreditation for MyRA, and self-accreditation for several programmes.